Wire and agate pendant. Wire wrap tutorial.

Valeriy Vorobev

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Wire wrap tutorials. 

  • Valeriy Vorobev

Wire and agate pendant. Wire wrap tutorial.

Copper wire and agate plate pendant

What did I need to make such a pendant?

Agate itself with a hole. I bought in China on Aliexpress. By all indications - tinted. This is just a plate of agate, cut or sawn, as you wish.

Copper wire thickness of 1 mm and 0.4 mm. "Nadergal" of electrical wires. By the way - pure copper!

Hardware item - copper suspension. It was designed to make earrings of them. I went the other way and applied for another purpose. Also from China.

Applying the technique of wire weaving work wonders.

I patinated the copper wire (artificially aged it) in a special solution. Then polished.

Basis made of suede cord. Antique copper color hardware.

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